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One Room Challenge - Week 1: Master Bedroom Makeover

Hello! And welcome to the first day of the spring 2019 One Room Challenge! In all honesty, I have been looking forward to my master bedroom makeover for a really long time! When we built our house almost two years ago, we decided that we would add to it as we lived in it. Over the years, we added to our laundry room, built our closets and last year I made over my study for the fall 2018 cycle of the One Room Challenge. Here's the before and after:

Now that the study is complete, I'm moving on to the one room that I've really neglected in my home - my master bedroom! I envisioned that this room would be a total retreat with an accent wall, a reading nook, built ins that accommodate my TV and cozy bedding. And folks that list sounds perfect, but very few things on there actually exist in my master bedroom right now! I figure, there is no time like the present for a do-over, so over the next 6 weeks, I'd love to share my makeover process, trials and tribulations and end result with you!

Before I get started on this master bedroom makeover for the One Room Challenge, let me show you what my bedroom currently looks like:

And here is the part that is most unsightly (and never makes it on Instagram or the blog)!

I'd say that this master bedroom is pretty plain Jane, with white walls, minimal art work, a king sized bed and a horrible TV stand! There are things that I love about my master bedroom and will be keeping in the final design, including the modern, sleek one-arm fan and the tufted headboard.

Here is what I have in mind for this space.

So, what do you all think? Can I tackle this project in six weeks? Let me know in the comments below! During this master bedroom makeover process, I will be asking for a ton of feedback on Instagram and on the blog, so be sure to follow along! Better yet, subscribe to my mailing list, so you can get the latest straight into your inbox without missing a detail.

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