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One Room Challenge: Week 5 - Modern Library/Music Room Makeover

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Let's go ... it's week 5! Really, week 5? I cannot believe I am saying this. When I started the One Room Challenge Modern Library/Music Room Makeover I knew that it would really come down to the wire. The grand slat wall I took on is really labor intensive with steps in between that take time. Although I have been working on it diligently, I'm not quite sure if everything will be done on time! The past 5 weeks have just flown by, and we have one week to the reveal - it's really crunch time!

Before I delve into the progress I have made in the last week, I want to take a minute to share my gratitude. I have to say, I have truly been loving the process of making over this library/music room for the One Room Challenge and really need to thank Linda Holt from the One Room Challenge and Better Homes and Gardens for continuing this biannual design/makeover event year after year! I also really need to thank my wonderful collaborators for their generosity: Loloi Rugs, Maxim Lighting, Apt2B, All Modern, Room and Board, Build.com and Wood Grain. I really could not have completed this space in my budget without these fabulous partnerships and I am absolutely delighted that they all pitched in to make my vision a reality.

Here are some progress photos of the slat wall. I don't even think we can call it a slat wall any more. It's more like a slat hallway and then some!

So what is left to do in this space?

1) paint the walls black - complete

2) cut, stain and hang slat wall - in progress

3) build and style bookshelf

4) hang chandelier

5) furniture and rug placement

I'm also really excited to show you a few sneak peeks of the accessories that are going into the room (hopefully) this weekend!

I'm really excited about this modern minimalist chandelier from Build.com! This fixture is totally different from anything else in my home and will be a great addition to the space. I'm really excited about the combination of chrome base and down rod with the dark spindles. Stay tuned to see more pics of it during the reveal. If you would like a link to this exact chandelier, check it out here!

This couch just arrived from Apt 2B and I am so in love with it! The velvet is rich, soft and buttery and I just love the motorized foot rest!

How cool is this bookshelf from All Modern? I love the asymmetrical shelving and I'm ready to get styling!

The icing on the cake is this beautiful sconce from Maxim Lighting. The mantis head and clean modern lines work so well in this space - I cannot wait to hang this!

I've shared this beautiful rug from Loloi Rugs on my Instagram stories before and it was such a hit! The colors, textures and beautiful medallion design will finish off the space beautifully!

If you are as excited as I am about my One Room Challenge Modern Library/Music Room Makeover, check me out on Instagram under the handle @thisissimplicite. Better yet, subscribe to my site and the updates will just land in your inbox. Meet me back here in a few for the final reveal!

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So long for now!


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