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One Room Challenge - Week 6: The Modern Coastal Master Bedroom Makeover

It's finally here! Welcome to week 6 of the One Room Challenge! It's master bedroom makeover reveal day and I am absolutely thrilled with the end result! This challenge was a TRUE challenge - in every sense of the word. I had the tightest of budgets for this makeover, so I DIYed almost every element of this room. The accent wall was a HUGE undertaking and learning curve. I had to learn how to use a miter saw, a drill, a brad nailer, a protractor (I hadn't used one of these since grade 9!) and (worst of all) my math skills when calculating out all of the trim. My repurposed nightstands were also trying but were a great way of saving dollars. I was constantly behind schedule for most of this challenge, but was able to catch up and complete everything I wanted by the end. My husband and I slept in two guest rooms and for most of the six weeks we had decor items and furniture strewn everywhere! I don't know if we would have survived another week! Now that it's all said and done, I can honestly say I love this space. LOVE IT. I feel like I finally have the master bedroom retreat I always wanted.

Before I jump into the reveal, I would like to thank Maxim Lighting and Afloral for their sponsorship. My master bedroom would not have come together without their generous contributions.

I am so happy to have the master bedroom of my dreams - come on in ....

Before I take you through all of the elements of this master bedroom makeover, let's take a quick look back at where we started.

So I cannot say my master bedroom was in the worst shape (except for that unsightly TV stand), but it was far from what I had envisioned and it was certainly time for change. The colors in the master bedroom were the same as the rest of my home - a lovely shade of white. But you can't tell right? The master bedroom gets very little light throughout the day, so most of the time it's looking dark and dreary. The One Room Challenge was the perfect opportunity to make this master bedroom over and I am so glad I did! After a TON of planning, and a TON of DIY, here is where we are today ...

I mean, is this even the same room? I re-used all my furniture with the exception of an IKEA Besta Credenza hack. With a little bit of paint and creativity and a lot of blood, sweat and tears, it's amazing how much you can change a room! Let me walk you through all of the elements.

So this room is one of the larger rooms in our home, but it certainly is not the biggest master bedroom. To make it appear bigger than it is, I was very careful as to where I placed all my furniture and the colors I chose for the walls. I wanted a bold punch for the accent wall to create drama, but the rest of the walls remained a shade of white. I opted for Naval by Sherwin Williams as the color for the accent wall and the remaining walls and the tray ceiling were painted in the color Gypsum by Olympic Paint. My love affair with the accent wall really was instantaneous. I started by sketching out the design on a napkin over lunch with my husband, and it quickly turned into a Frog Tape pattern on the wall. My goal was to add controlled texture to the walls, while keeping the modern aesthetic of our home. Since I was a novice at trim (and using any power tool really), polystyrene trim was the best choice. I have no regrets - cutting, sanding, nailing and painting was as easy as can be. The finish on the trim is sharp and with the perfect coat of navy blue paint, it turned out way better than I ever imagined. To ensure a super smooth finish, I used the Homeright Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer. I was very impressed with the finish on the walls and it was very easy to use - but it did cause some overspray - that was a quick fix. Here are a few close ups of the trim accent wall.

I've talked about the IKEA Malm re-do of the nightstands in my previous blog posts and on Instagram, so for the sake of being redundant, I won't go through all of that again. Needless to say, I think it was one of the best decisions I made in this master bedroom makeover. I opted to prime and paint these nightstands in a light blue-gray to complement the accent wall and I think it turned out perfectly! Icicle by Sherwin Williams was the paint color that elevated these nightstands and made them look (almost) brand new! Again, because of my budget, I didn't have the option of purchasing new doors or expensive wallpaper to cover up the chips and bangs. Instead, I stumbled upon an old tablecloth in my linen closet and had an idea to use spray adhesive to "upholster" the door fronts - a happy accident! I just love the texture of the doors and I love the way these nightstands pop against the accent wall.

Lighting was a big priority for this master bedroom. As I said before, this room gets very little natural light during the day, so we are totally dependent on lamps and overhead lights when reading, watching TV and hanging out in this space. The nightstands are fairly small, so I didn't want to add bedside table lamps. So these ombre sconces were the perfect option! They were also a great score at the West Elm Outlet. I got them for over 50% off (winning!). I was also very lucky to receive the Cyclone floor lamp from Maxim Lighting to incorporate into my design. This lamp is a total stunner! The contours, bold LED light and white color contrast perfectly with my accent wall. I know we will be using this one for years to come. Thank you Maxim Lighting!

Now that we have talked about the bones of the room, let's move on to the fun stuff! As I said in my previous blog posts, I think the accessories in a room are very important to give a space its personality. I had a great time picking out floral accents from Afloral and adding baskets, rugs and throws into the mix. Once the accent wall was painted a navy blue, I started gravitating towards white accessories to add contrast and keep things light and bright. I also added pops of tropical green to create an organic and tranquil space. Blending in some seagrass in the form of baskets and trays seemed like a natural choice in this space. My color palette for my master bedroom was pretty simple and only consisted of blues, whites and greens. The use of various shades of these three colors along with texture in my accessories helped create interest and added dimension to the space.

The excuse to get all new bedding and this braided ombre rug were the accessory highlights of this One Room Challenge - it was more exciting than the daily trips to Lowes and Home Depot! I kept things consistent by choosing a white textured quilt along with pillows that were various shades of white and blue. Throwing in some pom poms, scallops and fringes added to the fun (and again texture!). Maybe it's the warmer weather or the spring/summer breeze, but I somehow managed to turn my master bedroom into a modern coastal haven - and I'm not mad about it!

The tropical pops of green not only found themselves in vases, but also on my walls! I came across an idea on Pinterest on framing pressed flowers and thought, can I frame my greenery?! Again, my motivations were driven by budget and also keeping my walls light and bright. I had several acrylic frames that weren't in use and thought the greenery would look lovely against the clear minimalist frames. I didn't want any art work that felt overwhelming, and wanted to keep things feeling organic and tranquil. Framing green faux stems was the simplest DIY in this entire master bedroom makeover - and I was so happy with the result! I rummaged through the various greens from Afloral (and my basement!) and found ferns, gingko and palm leaves. I arranged them in all sorts of patterns and shapes and they framed beautifully! I decided to place these on a wall between the windows of my bedroom and also in my reading nook - here, have a look!

Last but not the very least, let's talk about my IKEA besta/credenza hack. This hack was the cherry on top! Do you remember the unsightly TV stand with dusty glass shelves and chipped faux wood I showed you earlier? I was so happy to replace that old TV stand with this floating credenza. My goals with this hack were to create something that was "barely there". I didn't want a weighty piece of furniture that took up a lot of room. I wanted something streamlined and modern. Mounting these cabinets was absolute genius - there is something about having space under a piece of furniture, it makes the room look much bigger and is also great for additional storage.

The credenza is perfect for housing decor pieces and (best of all!) all the various snacks and drinks for us to enjoy in this space.

Well there you have it folks! My very own master bedroom retreat in all its glory! I hope you enjoyed this One Room Challenge Modern Coastal Master Bedroom tour. Every time I walk by this room, I cannot help but smile! The work that went into this space was well worth it!

If you missed my previous blog posts on how I arrived at this Week 6 finale, you can find all the details on the progress here:

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Thank you so very much to those of you who have been following along for the past 6 weeks - your support means the world to me! And a huge thank you to Linda from The One Room Challenge and Better Homes and Gardens for hosting this biannual event. The Spring 2019 One Room Challenge tested me in ways I never knew possible, made me build on some skills I never thought I would need as a home blogger and also pushed me way out of my comfort zone - so thank you!

If you have a question or want to share your thoughts on my One Room Challenge Master Bedroom Makeover, feel free to drop me a line below, email me or contact me on Instagram @___simplicite___. If you are new here, thank you for visiting! We do a lot of fun things around here (including room makeovers!). Be sure to sign up for email updates to catch the next fun project (perhaps a Summer Home Tour?). I would love for you to join me!


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