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8 Money Saving Tips For Holiday Decorating To Avoid Overspending

The holiday season is absolutely magical and I look forward to it every year! It's a great time to entertain family and friends, make memories and give the perfect gift but the expenses certainly add up. During the holiday season I try my best to be resourceful and this extends into the way I decorate my home. I shop my home, use things I already own before purchasing new decor and come up with creative ways to incorporate decor from other seasons into my holiday home.

In today's post, I'm sharing 8 money saving tips for holiday decorating to avoid overspending. I'll be covering everything from the Christmas tree to house decorating, the front porch to the dining table. Let's get started!

Tip #1: It's OK To Purchase A Cheap-er Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is probably the statement piece to your decor - but you don't have to go out and buy the most expensive one! The truth is, you don't need to spend the extra hundreds of dollars to purchase the largest, fluffiest tree of all - you can still achieve that look even if you purchase the least expensive tree that often gets labelled as "sad looking" or the "Charlie Brown" tree. Opting for the less expensive tree is a great way to cut costs and stretch your budget.

The way to get the appearance of a full tree, brimming with all the Christmas glam is to make use all the fixins. I'm talking garlands, ornaments, picks, florals, ribbon and even extra string lights - all of these things are much cheaper than the additional cost of the expensive tree and you can use them year after year.

This tree found its way into my dining room last year and you can see that it was "sad looking" with sparse branches. I was able to take it to full glam by using the following tricks:

1. run faux greenery on the inside of your tree or use cut up pieces of an old garland.

LOOK at how much fuller the tree looks already!

2. add large metallic picks to fill additional holes in your tree

3. be sure to add as many ornaments on the inside branches and the outside tips of your tree as possible. This adds the extra special sparkle to your tree. Use ornaments of different sizes to create fullness to your tree.

4. cut up your ribbon into 2 inch or 4 inch pieces (use prewired ribbon - it will make things much easier!) and add smooth loops at different angles to give it a "weaved through the tree" appearance. Use ribbon of different finishes (velvet, organza, grosgrain, burlap) to add dimension to your tree. I have full ribbon tutorial that you can catch on Instagram - head on over to @thisissimplicite and check out my highlights!

5. use faux florals that fit your color scheme as a tree topper (again you can save dollars here because you don't have to purchase a glass finial/star - you can use what you have). You can also incorporate the same floral branches lower down in your tree to create a cohesive look.

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Tip # 2: Fluff Your Tree And All Of Your Picks

This is probably the most important step to getting your tree to look more full and more expensive than it is. No matter where you purchase your tree - whether you pick it up on clearance or order it from the most expensive retailer - cramming it in a box is always going to flatten the branches. Taking the time to fluff the branches so that they are pointing in all directions will add fullness to your tree and will also allow your picks, ornaments and ribbon to attach well to the tree. Make sure you fluff the inner branches as well as the outer branches of your tree. When you see sparse areas in your tree, spend extra time to re-fluff those branches to minimize those holes as best as possible. I use the same rule for the picks that I insert into my tree. Fluffing the branches of my glittery picks means they "spread out" more over my tree and it also means that I have to purchase less picks (another great way to save money!)

You can apply this fluffing rule to your garlands as well. Whether you hang them on your mantle, staircase railing or on your front porch - fluffing will add fullness and also may allow you to get away with purchasing less!

Tip #3: Purchase Neutral Or Metallic Ornaments And Use Them Year After Year

Metallic ornaments in gold, copper, silver and rose gold never go out of style. And they can be used year after year no matter what additional colors you choose to add. They create a great "base", so when I started taking my Christmas decorating a bit more seriously a few years ago, metallic ornaments were the first thing I invested in.

When I decorate for Christmas, I have a theme or color scheme in mind - and all these color schemes work with metallic ornaments that I already have in my arsenal. The easiest and inexpensive way to change out your color scheme year after year, is to use the same ornaments, but change out your ribbon. For example, two seasons ago, I opted for a silver and gold theme. The year after, I wanted to decorate my tree in blush pinks and plums. I used the exact same ornaments, but added blush pink ribbon and a few plum eucalyptus stems and achieved a totally different look.

This trick helps you save money on ornaments each year and also decreases the storage space you need to put away Christmas!

Tip # 4: Split Your Picks - So You Need To Buy Less

Many decor stores like Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, At Home and Jo-Ann sell picks in large bunches. Instead of sticking one large pick with 5-10 branches into one area, use a wire cutter and cut those large picks into smaller branches This way you can spread out the smaller branches over a larger area on your tree and you can get away with purchasing less. Just like Tip # 3, this trick also saves you storage space since you have fewer picks to put away!

Tip # 5: Skip The Tree Skirt And Opt For This Instead

Let's be honest. The perfect way to finish off a Christmas tree is with a tree skirt. It adds the perfect element of cozy and is an elegant backdrop to your beautifully wrapped gifts. But they can cost upwards of $30-100! Opt for a spare plush throw, or a cozy blanket as a substitute. I often use a soft but inexpensive throw from Ikea under all my trees - and they are between $1 and $5! The best thing is, once the holiday season is over, I give it a good wash and use the throw around the home all year round!

Tip # 6: Create A Gorgeous Tablescape By Using What You Already Have

Now let's talk about the fun stuff ... holiday parties and entertaining! Setting the table is a ton of fun - it's no secret that I love a good tablescape! But the key to making this manageable during the holidays is to use what you already have! Here are my go-to tips:

1) Pick a theme. I often rely on how I decorated my Christmas tree or a wreath that is in the room. This will help guide your design choices.

2) Don't purchase a table runner! Instead, raid your closet for any piece of fabric that fits your color scheme. I've used a scarf, an old curtain and even an old shower liner to set my tables - any old linen you have in the home will do!

3) Candles/Candlesticks can set the mood right! I often use an assortment of candlesticks of varying finishes and heights as my table centerpiece. Just throw in a few decorative votives, and you can call it done!

4) Use leftover ornaments! Another way to create a cohesive tablescape for the holidays is to use leftover ornaments from your Christmas tree or wreath. Place leftover ornaments in a bowl or scatter them throughout your centerpiece. This is the perfect way to add some color and sparkle to your table.

5) No napkin ring? No problem! Use a piece of twine or ribbon around your napkin or cutlery to finish off your tablesetting.

If you are looking for more holiday table inspiration - head on over to this blog post where I share even more of my simple tricks.

Tip # 7: Throw A Mirror Behind It!

A gorgeous way to make your Christmas decor shine is to use reflective surfaces to your advantage. In my home, I try to place my Christmas tree or a decorative wreath in front of a mirror. It's the perfect way to make your Christmas decor glow!

Tip # 8: Fresh And Free Greenery Is The Way To Go!

Everyone loves a well decorated holiday front porch (your's truly included!). There is no better way to greet your guests than to have perfectly styled and lit planters flanking your doorway and a gorgeous wreath on your front door.

The planters filled with greens don't come cheap if you are purchasing those that are put together for you at your local nursery, Costco or the hardware store. Here's a quick tip: head over to Costco, Lowes or The Home Depot early in the season (mid November is the perfect time!) when they are trimming all the trees. Ask to check out their "garbage pile" of tree trimmings. Rummage through and pick out what you want. They are always willing to part with these leftovers for free - but be sure to bring a pair of disposable gloves and a garbage bag!

Looking for inexpensive wreathes? Head on over the Michael's (take the extra weekly coupons with you!) and you can grab these for $2-4 each! At that price, you can totally add one wreath per window! If that's the look you are going for, add Command Hooks to your windows to secure your outdoor wreathes and dress them up with inexpensive bows for a classic Christmas look.

When it comes time to pack things away, store these wreathes year after year and pull these out to either style again outdoors or in any other room in your home.

And there you have it folks! I've shared 8 money saving tips for holiday decorating to avoid overspending! If you find these tips helpful or use them in your holiday decorating choices - I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below, email me or tag me in your Instagram photo using #thisissimplicite.

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