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Happy New Year! Goal-setting tips for 2019 ...

Welcome to 2019! Its going to be your best year yet ...

Every year as we flip from the end of December to the beginning of January, everyone is filled with optimism for what's to come. People are energized and ready to tackle new projects (whatever they may be) and commit to new goals. And these are all GOOD things! This is the same positive energy I hope you have! In addition to this positive energy, I think a reflection back at the year past helps us realize what we have learned and how to use these lessons for the upcoming year. This past year has been my most challenging yet. It was filled with loss and sorrow but also new adventures, yummy food, travel to new destinations, connections with people all over the world and career achievements. As a new year begins, these are the 4 things  I would like to tell myself in 2019: 

1) have an ACTION PLAN:

I set a ton of goals for 2018, but the ones I actually achieved were the ones with an ACTION PLAN. The action plan is the "what are you going to do to achieve the goal". Figuring this out and breaking it down into steps worked the best. And these don't have to be huge steps, that are scary and complicated. I found that breaking the big goal down into simple, small steps that were achievable was the easiest and most realistic way to acheive them.

2) write it down:

For some reason, the second something is on paper or in the notes app on my phone, it becomes REAL. In my mind, putting pen to paper or finger onto keypad adds a sense of certainty unlike any other. To keep tabs of goals and to constantly remind myself of them, I go back to the page in my planner or note on my phone where I wrote it down. I find that it makes me aware of how far I have come. In January 2018, I started a "note" entitled "goals" where the first line was "lose 10 lbs, by exercising daily for 30 minutes". In May 2018, this line made my smile, because the 10 lbs were gone (yes!), I was exercising daily for 30 minutes (for the most part), and there had been a lot of frustration and sweaty Shaun T moments in between.

3) you are going to slip, and THAT's OK:

Its always funny to me that I start a goal with so much gusto and I am so disappointed in myself when I slip. Like I'm a failure because I spent the $100 at Homegoods, that was supposed to go in the bank to meet my savings goal for the end of the month. Or because I ate that brownie, and that was an extra 500 calories. But why? I mean, how can I expect myself to not make a mistake ever ... I'm human right? In 2019, I want to stop with the self-hate and realize that I will slip up, and that's ok. But getting back to it is the more important lesson. Don't give up, keep going and fight back. NO. MATTER. WHAT.

4) just JUMP:

Truth: I have a lot of mental blocks that keep me from living the life I want. And I think I have just cultivated these thoughts of "oh, I can't do this because of ___ (insert reason here)", "who am I kidding, there is no way that will work out for me" or the worst "what will people think of me?". In 2019, I want to let these thoughts go. Every time I doubt myself, I want to stop and ask why am I questioning my abilities? Am I fearful or am I making excuses? Can I get out of my comfort zone? And then I want to take a decisive action. Because really, the only thing preventing me from achieving these goals is my own mind. Just jump, because you never know where this leap of faith could take you ...  

What have you learned in 2018 and what are your goals for 2019? I would love to hear them! Leave me a comment below, tag me in your Instagram photo using #thisissimplicite or email me. Wishing you the very best for 2019! #thebestisyettocome #happynewyear #happy2019

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Jan 09, 2019

Putting pen to paper is what I need to do to keep me on track!


Jan 02, 2019

Excellent tips! You're so right, goals work out much better when you plan a little!

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