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Decor Talks: Easy Summer Styling Ideas Using "Vases" You Never Knew You Had

Welcome to another session of Decor Talks! Summer is now in full swing (at least in my neck of the woods!) and I am so excited for warmer weather. For those of you who have been checking in either on here or on Instagram, you have heard me moan and groan about the cold and dreary weather ever since the holidays were over. My wishes for sunshine, birds chirping and a warm breeze have been granted and I am welcoming summer with open arms! What is my favorite thing to do when the weather turns warm? Fill my home with flowers of course - and I love to think outside of the box. Gone are the days where vases were the only receptacles that could hold flowers. These days, anything with an opening counts! Let's talk about up-ing your flower game and using "vases" you never knew you had for easy summer styling.

ONE: Let's Use Those Baskets

We all have baskets around the house. They are useful for storage, are great for concealing day to day items in a "pretty" way and also allow these items to be readily accessible. Regardless of how you choose to use them, they are great for housing greenery or florals. The second you place a stem inside a basket, it instantaneously gets elevated to another level. Here, have a look ...

In just an instant, this went from an ordinary storage vessel of pillows and throws to a coastal whimsical delight!

You can choose to add several stems or a single large one. I chose to fill this basket with several faux blades of grass (you can purchase pre-filled faux grass baskets as well) for the look of simple coastal casual elegance. The best part - it takes less than 30 seconds to do!

TWO: Pull Out Those Mason Jars

Whether you use these for your overnight oats, for canning or just for decor, Mason Jars are an easy "vase" that you can use to showcase your faux or real floral stems. Again, think casual elegance. Simply place a variety of greens or floral stems in a collection of jars and call it "done"! I recently threw a brunch for a few of my friends and decided to use my kitchen island instead of my dining table. I placed a Mason Jar with each place setting and alternated them in between the wine glasses. Have a look ...

For easy summer styling, Mason Jars are really the perfect vase. They allow a ton of light to shine through, allowing for a bright and happy pop of color.

THREE: Bowls, Urns, Frames Oh My!

An easy way to spruce up any space is to add a few floral touches to everyday items. You don't have to set out vases all over your home. Dress up any bowl, urn or tray in any of your living spaces by adding a few pieces of greenery. The smallest of stems can add a breath of fresh air to any space.

A spot in my home that I love to add florals to are my wall hanging planters. I added a mix of florals and greens to these and gave my dining room a new look instantaneously.

I recently DIYed some pressed faux greenery and hung them in acrylic frames. I think this was the easiest DIY I have ever done and it turned out beautifully!

FOUR: Lanterns Are Your Best Accessory

Traditionally, lanterns have been used to house candles on a front porch, backyard or by the pool. But they are absolutely perfect for decorating with flowers. Lanterns come in various shapes and sizes and are usually metallic. This means they can be easily accessorized with various types of greenery and florals and the metals add the perfect sheen to your arrangement. I also like to group a few lanterns together, to create visual interest! I've used lanterns to showcase my floral stems in my master bedroom that I recently made over for the One Room Challenge (you can see the reveal HERE), in my study and my entry way. Have a look ...

And there you have it. I've shared easy summer styling ideas using "vases" you never knew you had as part of my decor talks series. If you find these tips helpful or if you use these easy summer styling tips in your own home, I'd love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below, tag me in your Instagram photo using #thisissimplicite or email me.

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