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Guest Bedroom & Bathroom One Room Challenge: Week 3

Updated: May 25, 2021

Hello friends ... it's week 3 of the One Room Challenge! Where has the time gone? We are officially almost half way through! As I write this, I am looking over my list of things for the guest bedroom and bathroom makeover and I realize that things are going slower than expected and it is time to step on the gas pedal!

If you missed week 1 and week 2, you can recap my ideas and moodboard!

Don't get me wrong - I have made some progress, but there is still plenty to do and I really need to bring the energy in the upcoming week if I want to finish up this room on time! This past week my focus was on painting the guest bedroom and bathroom. I got the perfect coat of gray on the wall and I have to say I am in LOVE! This gray tone has a subtle hint of lavendar that shines through when the sun hits it. It's so beautiful, that I keep opening the door to catch a peek.

I just love the way the art from Minted pops against the gray wall. This beautiful piece with the zebra stripes stopped me in my scroll as I was going through the Minted website. This piece is from David Michuki from Nairobi, KE and he has several other striking pieces in his collection. Minted really has fabulous art that can be customized to suit any style of home. Their options for framing or a canvas style are endless! Be sure to check them out!

I still have to paint the trim and hang the crown moulding, but I'm hoping to have that update for you next week! Stay tuned!

Here's a peek at the saw tooth crown moulding that is going up from ornamental moulding. It's edgy, modern and will add a total pop to the room!

I'll be sharing more details as I make progress each week, so definitely follow along on my blog as well as my Instagram account, @thisissimplicite to catch all the action!


Fix bathroom leak

Paint bedroom

Paint bathroom

Install crown molding in bedroom and bathroom

Paint crown molding (and maybe the ceiling?)

Install wallpaper in bathroom

Install accent wall in guest bedroom and bathroom

Install fan in bedroom

Install lighting in bathroom

Install bathroom fixtures

Install curtain rod and drapery

Style bedroom/bathroom

Photograph Room

Be sure to check out all the incredible featured designers below! Bye for now!

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