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Guest Bedroom & Bathroom One Room Challenge: Week 6

Let's go ... it's week 6! Really, week 6? I cannot believe I am saying this. When I started the Guest Bedroom & Bathroom One Room Challenge Modern, I knew that it would really come down to the wire. The accent wall I took on is really labor intensive with steps in between that take time. Although I have been working on it diligently, I'm just PRAYING that it will be done on time! The past 6 weeks have just flown by, and we have just two short weeks to the reveal - it's really crunch time!

We have made some progress since last week! The crown moulding is up, caulked and all nail holes have been filled. The guest bedroom and bathroom has been painted too!

For the accent wall, the boards have been cut, and I've started staining them.

More fun things are ahead this week! Wallpaper in the guest bathroom goes up tomorrow and I will continue to chug away at the accent wall.

Here's a sneak peek at the wallpaper. The herringbone texture of the wallpaper just spoke to me! The wallpaper is from Calico corners and by York Wallcoverings.

It's totally in line with the minimalist look I am going for with just the right amount of texture. Calico corners has such a great selection of fabrics, trim and wallcoverings that can be used for everything from drapes to furniture upholstery. Here's a link to the wallpaper that will go in the bathroom and the drapes and curtain rod that I will be using in the bedroom.

If you are as excited as I am about my Guest Bedroom & Bathroom makeover, check me out on Instagram under the handle @thisissimplicite. Better yet, subscribe to my site and the updates will just land in your inbox.

So what's left on that TO DO list?

Fix bathroom leak

Paint crown molding

Paint bedroom

Install crown molding in bedroom and bathroom

Paint bathroom

Cut boards for accent wall

Install wallpaper in bathroom

Stain boards for accent wall

Install accent wall in guest bedroom

Install fan in bedroom

Install lighting in bathroom

Install bathroom fixtures

Install curtain rod and drapery

Style bedroom/bathroom

Photograph Room

Have you been following along all of these amazing spaces that are being made over? Be sure to check out the fabulous featured designers below!

Media BH&G | TM ORC

So long for now!

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