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Modern Minimalist Shelf Styling For The Holidays

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Hello friends! Welcome back to another round of Seasonal Simplicity Christmas Series! I'm joining several of my blogger friends who are sharing unique holiday mantel or vignette decorating ideas - so if you are new here - welcome! And if you are a frequent visitor, so glad to have you come by. Thank you for visiting me today! All the gorgeous decorating ideas are tagged at the very bottom of this post, so be sure to scroll down!

If you remember back to last year, I made over my two story great room for the One Room Challenge and added these wonderful built in shelves. You can see the room reveal here. I've really enjoyed styling these built ins for each and every season, and since holiday decorating is one of my favorites, I couldn't pass on the chance to decorate them for the upcoming season! Today I'll be sharing some tips that help me style these shelves in a modern and minimalist way for the holidays and I just cannot wait to show you!

Tip 1: Keep It Simple

Perhaps it's COVID19, or just the way I am feeling this year - usually I am ready to deck every inch of my home out for the holidays. This year, I am still craving simplicity and am erring on the side of less is more when decorating. I've decided to keep my shelves simple this year and only showcase a few pieces. The Christmas trees (yes, there's more than just one!) are heavily decorated, so keeping things minimal on the shelves allows things to balance nicely without being too over powering.

Tip 2: Keep It Consistent

I always think that repeating similar decor items on the shelves is a nice way to keep the look of your shelves consistent. For example, I've clustered a group of candlesticks together to create a cohesive look on the shelves. During the holidays, I love to mix metals, but this year, I've stuck to primarily mercury glass, silver and clear candlesticks on my shelves. To jazz things up, you can certainly mix in gold, brass, rose gold and champagne finishes to really give your shelves a good dose of "holiday!".

Tip 3: Mix and Match

The best styled shelves incorporate items of varying heights. Just like when styling a table, combining items of various shapes and sizes keeps things visually interesting. Don't be afraid to use pedestals, books or cake stands to elevate the decor items on your shelves. On my shelves, I used candlesticks of varying heights, along with my favorite deer figurines. I actually look forward to bringing out these deer each and every year!

Tip 4: Add A Pop Of Fun!

Just because things are simplified this year, doesn't mean they have to be boring! For a pop of green I added a eucalyptus garland to my mantel and I love the look. While the garland is still minimalist, it adds a fun pop of color and texture to the space. So don't be afraid to experiment or try a new styling technique.

If you loved these tips and use them to style the shelves in your own home, I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below, tag me in your instagram post using #thisissimplicite or email me! If you would like to refer back to this post, feel free to pin the image below! Happy decorating!

I'm sure you caught a glimpse of my great room Christmas tree in this blog post. I'll be revealing this tree and much more in the second part of my holiday home tour on Monday, so stay tuned! To catch the first part of my holiday home tour that just went live this week, check out the post here.


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