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One Room Challenge: Week 1 - Modern Whimsical Nursery Makeover

Hello and welcome to the Spring 2020 edition of the One Room Challenge! What is that you ask? For those of you who are new here, the One Room Challenge is a bi-annual event where designers and home owners across the nation choose one room in their homes to make over and share their approach, design, progress and reveals over a course of six weeks. You can find more information about the event and featured designers here!

You may have heard from my posts on Instagram or guessed from my previous blog posts on here that a nursery makeover is in order. I have been dreaming of making over this room for a very long time now, and I cannot believe that the time has come! My instincts were to rush and makeover this room in 2019 when I found out I was expecting a little girl - but I told myself to take a deep breath and wait it out until she arrived (believe it or not - this was really hard to do!). My main reason behind waiting for this makeover was to ensure this room had both style and function. I didn't want to get carried away by all the beautiful details of a baby girl's room and I wanted to be sure the room "worked" as a nursery. This meant waiting to get to know what works for us as parents - our must haves and things we can do without - and this gave me plenty of time to dream up the perfect design!

One Room Challenge

If you have been here a while, you know this is not my first rodeo! I have been participating in the One Room Challenge for the past three seasons and I just love it! The enthusiasm, team spirit and sheer fun of cheering each other on makes me come back season after season. And in our home, we have THAT many home improvements to make too! About a year ago, I made over our master bedroom to give it a modern coastal feel and you can find the reveal here. Last fall, I made over our two story great room and we still enjoy every inch of that space. You can find the reveal here.

This season, we certainly have more time! The One Room Challenge had been postponed by about a month due to COVID - 19 and has been stretched out to be a challenge over eight weeks instead of six. I know a lot of planning and preparation has gone into this year after year, so I really have to thank Linda and her team of organizers and Better Homes and Gardens for throwing this successful event season after season!

As with any makeover, there is always a starting point - and the look of the room in its current state is not pretty! I've actually used this room for storage over the past two and a half years, and so it houses things from our ironing board to pillows to an Ikea cabinet that just went wrong. Are you ready to see the horror? Come take a look:

One Room Challenge: Week 1 - Modern Whimsical Nursery Makeover

So the actual state of the room is not that bad! After a quick clean up (ahem - I threw everything into the walk-in closet) the space opened up to be quite bright. But the room is still quite small - only about 11 x 13 feet. So the true challenge is going to be how to fit all the essential things like a crib, glider, dresser etc into the room without it feeling cluttered.

One Room Challenge: Week 1 - Modern Whimsical Nursery Makeover

To start things off, I want to share a few spaces that have served as inspiration for the current nursery makeover.

One Room Challenge: Week 1 - Modern Whimsical Nursery Makeover

I have been eyeing this beautiful shades of pink and trim work from Rasmus Larsson for Design By Us. The color palette and the trim work is just gorgeous!

One Room Challenge: Week 1 - Modern Whimsical Nursery Makeover

This nursery was featured in Project Nursery and was designed by Raewyn Fahlenbock. I just adore the whimsy! The bright wallpaper against the crisp white crib and room is a stunner!

One Room Challenge: Week 1 - Modern Whimsical Nursery Makeover

The beautiful built-ins in this nursery have me swooning! The extra storage adds great form and function to the space and I love the pops of color against the neutral background. This space was designed by Jesse Carrier of Carrier and Company and was featured in Domino Magazine.

And here's quick glimpse of the design concept for the One Room Challenge: Modern Whimsical Nursery Makeover.

One Room Challenge: Week 1 - Modern Whimsical Nursery Makeover

So what's on the (rather long) to do list?

1) add crown molding

2) add trim work to the walls

3) paint the walls

4) add wallpaper to the walls

5) DIY built in bench/window seat

6) DIY a dresser

7) install chandelier

8) hang reading nook shelves

9) hang mirror above dresser

10) hang mobile above crib

11) assemble crib

12) furniture and rug placement

Phew, that's a long to-do list! So, what do you all think? Can I tackle this project in eight weeks? Let me know in the comments below! During this modern whimsical nursery makeover, I will be taking you through the design process, road blocks I face and will also be asking for a ton of feedback on Instagram and on the blog, so be sure to follow along! Better yet, subscribe to my mailing list, so you can get the latest straight into your inbox without missing a detail.

To check out the other guest participants and their One Room Challenge projects, be sure to visit this page (HERE). This is the time to pick your favorites and cheer them! So long until next week! #oneroomchallenge #BHGORC

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1 opmerking

07 mei 2020

oh I can't wait to see!!! The wallpaper is so pretty and I love all the soft whimsy details!! Merichelle | We're the Joneses

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