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One Room Challenge: Week 2 - Modern Whimsical Nursery Makeover

It's week 2 of the One Room Challenge Modern Whimsical Nursery Makeover and I am neck deep in all of it! This week has been all about finalizing the details so that I can hit the ground running. For those of you who have been following along for a while - you know I am a "planner" (and type A!). And I really believe that before any home renovation or project, all the details need to be ironed out for things to fall into place to avoid unnecessary stress! This is my fourth go around with the One Room Challenge and so I have definitely learned from past mistakes of poor planning. To know more about the One Room Challenge and the space I am making over, here is a link to Week One.

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Here's a look at the room when we first started:

I have been hard at work this past week and the crown molding is almost completely up. For the Modern Whimsical Nursery makeover, I partnered with Ekena Millwork and chose a really modern "stair step" crown molding. Have a look:

I have done several projects involving molding and trim work and I have to say the molding products from Ekena Millwork are excellent. They are light weight, easy to install and come in complete systems. For example, this crown molding comes with pre-made corners, which saves you time when installing the molding. It's also easy for a novice like me to take on a daunting task such as crown molding, since things are provided in complete sets. Ekena Millwork as an extensive array of both interior and exterior products - be sure to check them out!

So what else have I been up to this week? Well choosing paint colors, wallpaper treatments and finalizing a few design ideas. My choice of paint products has always been Sherwin Williams. I have had the greatest success with their colors and finishes. They offer so many colors to choose from - you really can customize the paint color to be an exact match to the look you are going for. Not to mention, their paints are durable with minimal chipping and clean up after a paint job has always been a breeze! Here are the paint options I have been toying with:

I initially selected over 20 blush pink and plum tones (Sherwin Williams has THAT many options!) and I finally narrowed it down to these three. I'm going to reveal the wallpaper next - and trust me it's a showstopper! I have partnered with Spoonflower and they have been an absolute dream to work with! Their selection of wallpaper and fabrics is exceptional and their customer service has been phenomenal! They really have every option you can think of when it comes to the finishing touches in any space. They also work with independent artists so each and every design is customizable to bring your vision to life. Here's my choice this season:

Isn't that wallpaper a beauty! I just cannot wait for the design to come together!

The last thing I spent time of this week was finalizing the layout of the nursery. As I had mentioned before, the room is fairly small, so optimizing space to include all the necessary elements while ensuring the space is not cluttered was key. Here's what I have come up with so far:

So what's on the punch list for this week?

1) add crown molding - almost complete!

2) add trim work to the walls

3) paint the walls

4) add wallpaper to the walls

5) DIY built in bench/window seat

6) DIY a dresser

7) install chandelier

8) hang reading nook shelves

9) hang mirror above dresser

10) hang mobile above crib

11) assemble crib

12) furniture and rug placement

Stay tuned to see how much I am able to get done! To check out the other guest participants and their One Room Challenge projects, be sure to visit this page (HERE). You don't want to miss the 20 featured bloggers (HERE). This is the time to follow along with your favorites and cheer them! #oneroomchallenge #BHGORC


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