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One Room Challenge: Week 3 - Modern Library/Music Room Makeover

I can't believe it ... it's week 3 of the One Room Challenge! Where has the time gone? We are officially almost half way through! As I write this, I am looking over my list of things for the modern library/music room makeover and I am questioning my sanity when I thought this slat wall would be no big deal. I've been plugging away this week with cutting endless number of pine boards, staining and painting the background walls - but it still seems that the end is no where in sight! Nevertheless, I am going to continue to chip away at the One Room Challenge in hopes of turning this boring space into a dream library/music room.

I'm please to say that the major accomplishment of this week was figuring out the perfect stain! I must have mixed up 10 different concoctions of red mahogany and espresso, but I finally arrived at at a moody and rich chocolate brown. Come have a look!

I've probably stained about 12 boards at this point, but now that the stain is decided on, It's just a matter of getting it onto all the boards. A major struggle has been cutting the boards to size. Although my home is a new build, the ceiling heights are so variable, which means each board needs to be measured, cut and fitted into place. If I were to mass cut all the boards, some would fit and others would either be too short or too long. Oh well - the saga continues!

Here's an inspiration pic that I hope gives you an idea of the look I am going for. This pic also reminds me that the pain of this slat wall will be worth it in the end!

Source: Pinterest

So can you expect in the upcoming weeks? I am really hoping to have all the walls painted. And If I'm feeling really ambitious, I may have some boards up too!

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