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One Room Challenge - Week 3: Modern Two Story Great Room Makeover

I can't believe it ... it's week 3 of the One Room Challenge! Where has the time gone? We are officially half way through! As I write this, I am looking over my list of things for the modern two story great room makeover, and I realize that I may have bitten off more than I can chew! Nevertheless, I am going to continue to chip away at the One Room Challenge in hopes of turning my two story great room into an absolute haven.

Here's a quick look at where we started:

What are the things I accomplished this week? Well, I really spent the majority of my time on the design for a trim accent wall underneath the stairs. I decided that adding trim would be the best way to add some architectural interest to the two story great room. I didn't want to do a traditional board and batten, but wanted a modern diamond slant pattern. Since I have only done this trim accent wall once before (it was for the Spring 2019 edition of the One Room Challenge - you can find the process of the accent wall here and the reveal here), I decided to play it safe and outline the accent wall first in 3M tape. I'm actually glad I took the time to do that, because I did not like the initial pattern I came up with!

After shifting things around (and maybe 5 rolls of tape!), here is the final design:

The next step was to head to the hardware store and pick out the molding.

I toyed around with two varieties: polystyrene and pine wood. The larger polystyrene piece was just too wide for the design and I was looking for something more subtle. I really liked the thinner polystyrene piece but it only came in 8 feet pieces and my ceilings are 10 feet. That would mean that I would have to make additional cuts on the wall - which means more caulking, sanding and filling! I decided to work with the pine trim, and it worked well for the most part. There were two things that I really did not like about the pine molding - it is much more difficult to cut (because it splits if you are not careful) and you need to prime your boards before you paint (either before or after you nail it to the wall).

So this is where the trim wall stands. I have yet to caulk, sand and paint, but that's what the upcoming weeks are for, right?

This week was also filled with a lot of decisions! I received all my paint samples and put them up on the wall, next to the textured wallpaper I received from Fabricut. I have been mulling over these samples in the morning, afternoon and evening light - take a look!

So tell me ... which paint colors and wallpaper samples do you like the best? Leave me a comment below or email me - I would love to hear from you!

The great thing about using these peel and stick boards from Sherwin Williams is that you can label them and move them around all over your room. If you are afraid of commitment (like me!), it's a great way to see what your paint colors look like on different walls of the room without having to paint the actual walls.

What else can you expect in the upcoming weeks? I am really hoping to have the accent wall caulked, sanded and painted! I also want to share a few fun accessories that I received from Great Big Canvas and Couristan Rugs ... all fun things, so continue to follow along!

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