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One Room Challenge - Week 5: The Master Bedroom

Hello and welcome to week 5 of the One Room Challenge! I cannot believe I am saying this ... week 5?! Where has the time gone? When I started this challenge I thought to myself, "Wow, six weeks, I have so much time!". Well those weeks have just flown and now it's crunch time!

I have been loving the process of making over my master bedroom for the One Room Challenge and really need to thank Linda Holt and Better Homes and Gardens for continuing this biannual design/makeover event year after year! This year, I have really thought "out of the box" and pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I even messed around with power tools, caulk, spackle and paint to create an accent wall (who would have thought?!) If you missed my trim accent wall from last week, go ahead and have a look (HERE).

As this year's spring One Room Challenge comes to a near close, I want to use today's post to highlight the details. The last couple of blog posts on my master bedroom makeover have focused on the big things, such as the accent wall and the furniture redo, but I think the finishing touches to a space are equally as important. I truly believe that the majority of a room's personality comes from its accessories. The textures of a wool rug, a colorful vase full of flowers and even unique wall art can be a crowning moment in any room. This week, I want to share the things that I feel will add character and bring my master bedroom to life. Continue reading, I'm totally spilling all the beans ...


Give Me All The Greens

I chose shades of blue and white with a touch of gray as the color scheme for my master bedroom makeover, and the most obvious thing to me was to add greenery. The green grass pictured below adds a pop of freshness and the perfect contrast with both white and blue.


Bedding that Screams Luxury

My favorite thing to do on a Friday night is to belly flop into a sea full of pillows and sleep off a long week's worth of exhaustion. In order for this to occur on a weekly basis, I must have all the throw pillows and all the cozy bedding to make my Friday night dreams a reality! This master bedroom makeover for the One Room Challenge was the perfect excuse for all new bedding. I had a ton of fun shopping and sourcing - give me all the scalloped edges, fringes, tassels and pom poms!


Storage For All the Cozies

Now that I have added even more to my pillow and throw collection (ahem, hoarding!), I was in search of a way to store these items in a spot that was perfectly accessible. Cue the wicker basket. Although wicker is not traditionally thought of as a modern material, these days wicker baskets come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and finishes and are a raging decor item. This extra large wicker basket serves as the perfect way to store throws and pillows and has modern lines that are consistent with the style of my home.


Let's Deck the Walls

In keeping with the goals of making my master bedroom tranquil and serene, I wanted to add pops of green, not only in vases, but also on the walls. The trend of framing florals is back (or maybe it never left) but I am hopping on this easy DIY train. I rummaged through my collection of faux greenery in my basement and decided on leaves and stems of different shapes and sizes to create interest. I placed the stems in my acrylic frames and voila, I created art!


Defining the Space with a Textured Rug

Long gone are the days where rugs are only to be placed on hardwood and only serve the purpose of adding comfort. Rugs are now used to make a statement, to define a space and to add character to a room. That is exactly what I was going for with this blue-gray-off white ombre rug. This rug shows all the colors of the room, has a great weave pattern to add texture and will help anchor the king bed in the room.

Now that the accessories have all been purchased, it's time to get through the final punch list for this master bedroom makeover! Will I get it all done in time? I'm crossing all my fingers and toes ... check back with me next week for the big reveal on May 9!

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