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Quick & Easy Tablescapes That Will Transition Your Home From Summer To Fall

Hello friends ... I am back from my (not so) quick summer break, and I'm ready to take on the changing of the seasons! It's no secret - I love a good tablescape! It's the perfect way to spruce up your home especially if you are not ready to commit to an entire decor overhaul. An effective tablescape can absolutely be enough decor for the season and is the perfect way to transition your home from season to season.

In today's post I want to show you quick and easy tablescapes that will transition your home from summer to fall in an effortless way. No matter your style of decorating or the colors you gravitate towards, I have designed several centerpieces and tablesettings that are easy enough to implement and are the perfect way to welcome to cozy months ahead. 

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One: A Simple White & Gold With A Touch Of Magnolia

I've been known to keep things fairly simple and neutral over the summer months, so when it starts to get cooler outside but not quite fall, aiming for a similar look is always my go-to. If you are not quite ready for the pomp and circumstance that comes with holiday decorating (and my friends, that is right around the corner!) then this is the table setting for you.

I came across these faux pears in a home decor store and thought they could really work well for a fall tablescape. I gave them a light coat of white spray paint, but wasn't aiming for perfection. I left some spots uncovered, and allowed the natural colors textures to peek through. After spray painting, I thought the stems looked a little bare, so dipping them in some gold paint I had lying around added the perfect touch.

To elevate the tablesetting, I placed the magnolia leaves and pears on a gold and white dessert stand. This is really the oldest trick in the book. If you want to give your centerpiece an instant "lift" place it on a "pedestal" and it will become the star of the show. 

Pairing these faux pears with some deep and rich magnolia stems, modern tableware, gold cutlery and gold rimmed glasses really brought this simple tablescape to life.

TWO: Let's Stay Vibrant!

If you aren't quite ready to give up the vibrant colors of summer, but are totally in the mood to add pumpkins to your decor, then this one's for you! I absolutely love mixing in colorful florals of various textures with glass pumpkins to start the season off bright.

Since this centerpiece packs a bright and energetic punch, I thought pairing it with a neutral placemat and simple table setting would be best. I opted for a grey placemat, simple white tableware and stainless steel cutlery to finish off the table.  

THREE: Keeping It Natural

If you aren't quite ready to give up on the bright greens that surround us in the summer, then this tablescape is the right one for you. This is probably one of the easiest and most cost effective tablescapes to put together - all it involves are placing a few neutral pumpkins and candlesticks amongst some yard or plant clippings!

To add a pop of color, I interspersed some blush pumpkins and faux florals among the green clippings. These colors worked very well against the neutral grey placemats.

Since this tablesetting is fairly simple, I thought adding a eucalyptus wreath in the window would add some interest while keeping with the natural theme of this table.

To finish off the tablesetting, I opted for a textured napkin, simple white dish ware and a tiny pumpkin (which my husband mistook for a clove of garlic!).

FOUR: The Quintessential Fall Table

To many of us, fall is associated with bountiful harvest, delicious recipes and warm memories created with friends and family. As homage to this, I created this functional and decorative tablescape using traditional pumpkin soup tureens, classic fall foliage and gold cutlery.

I love the traditional pop of color these bright orange tureens add and they work very well with the dense green foliage. When using crockery that serves both form and function, the possibilities are really endless. You can fill these tureens with your favorite soups, casseroles or breads all the while keeping your table looking great! If you would like to take the more decorative route, you can fill them with florals of your choice. If you are decorating with tureens, you don't need to limit yourself to the dining table. Feel free to add greenery and florals to your tureens and sprinkle them throughout your home! 

To finish off this table, I added a darling salt and pepper shaker to match the pumpkin soup tureen set. Gold rimmed glassware and cutlery complemented the table beautifully.

And there you have it! I've shared some quick and easy tablescapes that will transition your home from summer to fall. If you create a fall tablescape using the above ideas or find the tips I've shared helpful, I'd love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below, tag me in your Instagram photo using #thisissimplicite or email me. Happy decorating!

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