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Pretty in Pink! A Valentine's Day Bar Cart How To ... I'm Sharing My 8 Easy Steps

After the holidays, Valentine's day is my favorite thing to decorate for. I'm a sucker for romance, flowers, desserts and fancy drinks and so this day is really where the best of all my worlds collide! This year, I am so happy to be teaming up with a group of talented ladies to bring you a Valentine's Day blog hop! Together, we will show you how to dress your entire home for this day of pink/red and romance. I hope you will peruse our tours for fresh looks and inspiration. And these ideas don't have to stop at Valentine's Day! You can use them for an upcoming bridal or baby shower, a fancy dinner for two, a rehearsal dinner, and even for wedding decor! The possibilities really are endless and we just can't wait to show you! If you are visiting from Caitlin at Lion and Lantern, welcome! I'm so happy to have your here! Let's get styling!

Valentine's Day Bar Cart Styling. #barcart #barcartideas #valentinesday #prettyinpink

Here are a few things you will need when styling a bar cart:

1) cake plates or stands

2) your choice of glasses or stemware

3) cutlery, straws, cocktail stirrers, napkins 

4) an assortment of your favorite desserts

5) 2-3 bottles of your favorite drink, wine or champagne

6) a collection of vases

7) floral stems with some greenery to match your color scheme

Valentine's Day Bar Cart Styling. #barcart #barcartideas #valentinesday #prettyinpink

1) Planning is always helpful. Before you begin styling, gather your items and think about where you want to place them. This will help you visualize your theme, add things that are consistent with your look and take things out that don't work.

Valentine's Day Bar Cart Styling. #barcart #barcartideas #valentinesday #prettyinpink

2) You don't need a lot! Less is more when styling a bar cart, because there isn't a ton of space to work with. A bar cart can fill up very quickly, especially when using an assortment of items that are different shapes and sizes. If you are hosting many people, stock your bar cart until it's visually pleasing and store the remaining items in a place that is accessible to your guests.

Valentine's Day Bar Cart Styling. #barcart #barcartideas #valentinesday #prettyinpink

Valentine's Day Bar Cart Styling. #barcart #barcartideas #valentinesday #prettyinpink

3) Height is key! Using plates, platters, trays and cake stands to elevate certain items will help your bar cart stand out. You can use cake plates to elevate a drink or bottles of champagne, or use a serving platter to highlight your desserts.

Valentine's Day Bar Cart Styling. #barcart #barcartideas #valentinesday #prettyinpink

4) You don't have to group all like items together. To help spread out your treats (and those reaching hands), mix your eats with your drinks. This makes the items that you are serving look more visually pleasing and also spreads out your guests while they are helping themselves.

Valentine's Day Bar Cart Styling. #barcart #barcartideas #valentinesday #prettyinpink

5) Add texture! Using napkins, a cozy throw, pillows or even a scarf (I used one here!) that complements your color scheme is an easy way to elevate your bar cart styling to the next level. Another way to add texture is to use vases of different finishes, sizes and styles and vary the floral arrangements in them. This is a sure way to add visual interest and make your bar cart a stunner.

Valentine's Day Bar Cart Styling. #barcart #barcartideas #valentinesday #prettyinpink

Valentine's Day Bar Cart Styling. #barcart #barcartideas #valentinesday #prettyinpink

Valentine's Day Bar Cart Styling. #barcart #barcartideas #valentinesday #prettyinpink

6) No bar cart? No problem! You can use all of these tips to style a dessert table, credenza or hutch. I "expanded" my bar cart spread to a side table and an ottoman draped with a scarf. I guess you could say I got carried away when styling, but I am not mad about it!

Valentine's Day Bar Cart Styling. #barcart #barcartideas #valentinesday #prettyinpink

7) Make a statement! Decorate the area around your bar cart by adding art to the walls, or a floral chandelier. This helps draw attention to your bar cart and adds that wow factor that will blow your guests away.

8) Have fun with it! Bar cart styling is all about creativity and there are no rules! Use your imagination, explore new patterns, and experiment with florals when you style!

Valentine's Day Bar Cart Styling. #barcart #barcartideas #valentinesday #prettyinpink

I hope you enjoyed this how to and that you continue along on our tour! Up next is Ash from Dash Lifestyles! She will be taking you on a tour of her stunning bedroom!

Are you excited about Valentine's Day as much as I am? Do you want to see more of what I shared here? Stay tuned for a tutorial on that DIY floral chandelier, cake and cupcake recipe and an extra special Valentine's Day mocktail! It's all coming to the blog soon!

If you find this bar cart post inspiring or style your own bar cart, I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below, tag me in your instagram post using #thisissimplicite or email me!

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