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7 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Home Post-Holiday

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

I think for most of us, it is easier to decorate for the holidays, than it is to un-decorate after the holidays are over. Post-holiday decorating is more of a reorganization period, with purging and minimizing in my mind. That being said, I don't like to get rid of it all, I just like to pare it down (a lot). I like to give my eyes a bit of a break, but I am not ready to jump into spring just yet (it's January! Lillies and lavender are at least a few months away!). Before I get started, I want to add a disclaimer: I don't run out and buy all new things each season. I try to reuse what I already have at home. For my fall and Christmas decor, I used plum colored eucalyptus stems that I just loved. So obviously, I had to use it in my post-holiday decor too. These stems are so versatile that pairing them with different decor items totally changes their look. The best part - for $15, I was able to decorate for three seasons (winning!). Alright, I digress. Without further ado, here are 7 easy ways to transition your home post-holiday:

1) Don't take down your front door Christmas wreath just yet. Instead of having a different wreath for "Christmas" and "winter", I like to use my Christmas wreath and add to it. This year, I swapped out the Christmas-y red bow and twinkle lights for some faux green and plum eucalyptus and called it a day. Eucalyptus really works for every season, so it's always my go-to when I need to change things up.

2) pack away your holiday decor, but leave a few pieces of faux greenery that can be used around the house. If you missed my 6 easy ways to pack away the holidays guide, I've linked it (here). Although pine, cedar and fir all scream Christmas, they can also be classified as winter decor when used in small quantities. I like to reserve a few leftover stems from my holiday decor and use them as part of floral arrangements to sprinkle touches of winter. Simply stick in a few neutral florals along with some pine or fir stems and you have the perfect winter floral arrangement in less than 5 minutes. I create a few of these and add them to different areas of the house for a lovely pop of green. To create a cohesive look, repeat the same color floral in different areas of the home and it will look perfectly intentional! 

3) Bring the outdoors back in. The perfect way to spruce up any space is by adding plants and in-door trees. They add life and warmth without being overbearing. Truth: I have an obsession with olive trees, and have been dying to get a few for around the house. Over the last year, I quickly realized that I have the blackest thumbs possible, so faux was the only way to go. I decided to DIY an olive tree to add to my great room and I am so happy with it! These trees are an excellent focal point and are super easy (and affordable) to make.

4) Christmas trees are not forbidden, just the ornaments and ribbon are. I think the perfect way to sprinkle winter through your home is to use Christmas trees, they just need to be bare and naked. Grouping a few together to make a little forest is always darling and really gives you bang for your buck if you are using them through the holidays and the winter months (again, using the same item to span across seasons).

5) Show off your fruits and veggies. The easiest way to decorate your kitchen is to use the fresh fruits and veggies from your weekly trip to the grocery store. Throw some citrus, apples and pears into a beautiful bowl or basket and call it a day! You don't have to limit these to your kitchen. You can arrange fruits and vegetables as part of a tablescape or a floral arrangement too. Since I dress up my kitchen to the max during the holidays, I prefer to leave most of my kitchen bare in the winter months. I find the blank space refreshingly clean! 

6) Candlelight is always right. No matter what the season, lighting a candle is always in style. I miss the Christmas glow so much once the holidays are over, so clustering a few candles on my dining table is a way to keep the glow alive. Plus its the easiest centerpiece, that takes minutes to put together and creates instant ambience (win-win!). Just like you would during the holidays, feel free to mix your metals here to add some warmth.

7) Don't put away your plush pillows or throws just yet. I'm all about the cozies during the winter months and love having throws, blankets and pillows everywhere. Whether you are working at your computer, watching TV or just hanging out, a cozy snuggle is the best thing about the cold winter days.

There you have it folks. An easy way to transition your decor after the holiday months and add a sprinkle of winter through your home. I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below, tag me in your instagram photo using #thisissimplicite or email me.

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