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DIY Nordic Christmas Ornaments

Hello friends! Hope you have been well! To get everyone into the holiday season, I'm joining several friends today to bring you DIY Nordic Christmas ornaments. I've always loved modern ornaments and Scandinavian Christmas decor, so I thought I would try my hand at some DIY ornaments.

I shopped around for Nordic Christmas ornaments, but I found them to be too pricey. These simple DIY Nordic Christmas ornaments were the perfect solution!

Here are the things you will need:

1) red and white ornaments - I used ornaments that I had laying around, but if you prefer, you can spray paint or paint old ornaments with red/white paint.

2) silver glitter glue

3) red paint

4) slender paint brush

5) red and silver ribbon

White Ornament

1) using silver glitter glue, draw a straight line, followed by several lines branching outward from this straight line

2) let dry - this may take an hour or two depending on how thick your lines are

3) once dry, dip the back of a paintbrush (rounded tip) in red paint and drop dots along the glitter glue lines as well as on the ends

4) once completely dry, tie a red ribbon around the top of the ornament for a finished look

Red Ornaments

1) use silver glitter glue and draw a leaf with an extended stem

2) fill in the leaf with 2-3 glitter glue lines and draw lines and dots around the edges of the leaf to give it a more decorative look

3) once completely dry, add silver ribbon for a finished look

And there you have it! DIY Nordic ornaments that are festive yet affordable. You can display these in a bowl, hang them on a garland or add them to your Christmas tree. If you love this DIY ornament, I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below, tag me in your instagram post using #thisissimplicite or email me! Be sure to check out all the other fun DIY ornaments below.

Happy decorating!


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