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One Room Challenge - Week 4: Modern Two Story Great Room Makeover

Hello! It's time for week 4 of the One Room Challenge! This week's post is all about honesty - and the truth is - I hit a hard stop! A week prior, I was chugging away at the modern two story great room makeover and was totally on schedule! And then I had a very busy week at my day job (oh yea - I still have to go to work every day, and I am not able to work on the One Room Challenge 24/7!) and was unable to complete things that week. This means I am a week behind and I am feeling the pressure!

This past week, I also had the realization - I bit off way more than I can chew. When making the list of things I want in my modern two story great room, I didn't realize the amount of work it would take to get it all done. And I grossly underestimated the time it takes to coordinate with all of your sponsors, follow up on items that need to come in on time, arrange time off with the painter, the carpenter and the wallpaper company! That being said, I am not ready to give up! The progress may be slow, but I think it's time to kick it into high gear. And this means working like a mad woman to get this modern two story great room makeover done in the next two weeks!

One Room Challenge - Week 4: Modern Two Story Great Room Makeover

Moving on, in today's post, I would love to show you the accessories that will go into this two story great room makeover. In my opinion, I think that accessories make a huge impact in any space and items like the rug, wall art, pillows and throws can really influence how a space is perceived. During the One Room Challenge we focus so much on the big ticket items like accent walls, wall color, lighting options and furniture - but I think it is equally as important to think about the finishing touches.

For the One Room Challenge, I partnered with Great Big Canvas and I am so thrilled they agreed to work with me! They have one of the largest selections of art that I have ever seen and they carry art in all different styles - from traditional maximalist to abstract to complete minimalist. When making over my modern two story great room, I wanted to add a sense of formality to the space, all the while keeping it classic. I found myself drawn more to abstract wall art that created visual impact, but wanted to keep the colors very classic - black, white, navy and gray. Here are some of the art pieces I was considering:

The selection of the area rug was also very important to me, since it is a focal item in this large room and adds a great amount of character and texture to the space. I partnered with Couristan and really took my time to think about all of the things I wanted in a rug. The feel of the rug on my feet, the colors and the way they complement the hardwood floors and the style of the rug were the most important. Again, I wanted to keep things classic and timeless, and so I mulled over all of their gray, ivory, black and white selections for weeks! At some point in time, I was toying with the idea of layering in some cowhide - but I got a hard NO! from my husband - so that quickly became out of the question. To see what I finally decided on you will have to wait for the reveal, but here are some options I was considering:

Last, but certainly not the least, let's talk about the shelves and cabinetry that surround the TV and how they will be styled! Since this modern two story great room has a ton of negative space and a ton of light, I really wanted something that would take your eye up and above the TV.

One Room Challenge - Week 4: Modern Two Story Great Room Makeover

I came across these beautiful handmade vases by Sara Paloma and I fell in love with the shapes and the drama they create. I thought they would work perfectly scattered on the shelves and mantle. I'm not going to tell you how many or which colors I ordered (you will just have to wait!) but I cannot wait to get them on the shelves! I am unsure of whether I will pair the vases with wall art, trinkets or family photos - but I guess that will remain a surprise to both you and me!

So what is the plan for the upcoming week? I'm hoping to have the trim accent wall completed, the fireplace walls painted and the cabinets and shelves installed - a tall order, right? Stay tuned to see if I can get it all done! To take a look back at the progress over the past 3 weeks, you can click here: Week1, Week2, Week3.

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One Room Challenge - Week 4: Modern Two Story Great Room Makeover

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If you are as excited as I am about my One Room Challenge, Modern Two Story Great Room Makeover, leave me a comment below or check me out on Instagram under the handle @thisissimplicite. #oneroomchallenge #BHGORC

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