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When Flowers Meet Fruit: An Effortless Fall Tablescape

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Can you tell I love fall and I love tablescapes? Well, my favorite worlds are colliding today! I am so happy to be joining several talented friends to show off our inspiring fall tablescapes. I'm looking forward to seeing what all these creative bloggers have in store! A special thanks to Alicia from Nick & Alicia for putting this fun blog hop together. Be sure to scroll through to the end - everyone on this hop is listed below!

My inspiration for this "flowers meet fruit" fall tablescape comes from a regular weekend stroll through the produce isle at my local grocery store! As the early fall months roll around, the artichokes, figs, pomegranates, plums and grapes begin to make an appearance. And I love the way these produce items come together to create a bountiful harvest! I'm not quite sure why I had never thought of merging flowers and fruit in my decor - the combination is effortless and the results are beautiful! As you read along, I hope you see how easy (and affordable!) this tablescape is to put together.

In my last tablescape post (which you can find here), I wasn't quite ready to commit to fall decor and kept things light, airy and transitional from summer to fall. As we head deeper into the fall months, I find myself drawn to the rich hues of plums, greens and blush pink! I used the colors of my produce to guide my floral color choices. The dusky green-violet colors of an artichoke look great against the ever popular eucalyptus. The plum-black colors of ripe figs complements the vibrant red-purple mums and the soft blush tones in the roses look lovely with the red-pink pomegranates.

The centerpiece of this tablesetting started off with a teal lantern and a clear glass vase that fits well inside. After arranging the mums and roses, I added pomegranate halves and a stack of figs on skewers and placed cascading clusters of grapes to either side of the lantern to add dimension and color. I finished off the arrangement with tall periwinkle blue filler flowers to add texture and fullness.

To bring the "flowers meet fruit" theme to the rest of the table, I added a eucalyptus garland around the teal lantern and mixed in whole figs, artichokes, pomegrantes and clusters of grapes. Keeping with the blush pink and plum color palette, I added a few stems of blush pink roses and deep purple mums in between the eucalyptus garland and fruit to create a cohesive look. To add height and a touch of glam to the centerpiece, I placed rose gold candlesticks and simple white candles for some classic elegance. 

No table is complete without a place setting - would you agree? Since the centerpiece and table runner stole the show, I kept the tableware elegant and simple. I chose crisp white plates and rose gold cutlery to match the candlesticks. The addition of cut figs on the plates added texture and color and unified the entire look of the table. I have always loved the look of teal-navy with rose gold, and opted for simple teal-navy napkins to finish off the look.

And that's all it really takes! The textures and colors of the flowers and fruit work beautifully together to create this effortless fall tablescape - and it is sure to stun from every angle!

So you may ask yourself, what do I do with all of this produce once my gathering/get together/party is over? Well you can certainly eat it (confession: most of the produce was eaten during styling and photographing of this tablescape by yours truly!) or you can gift it to your guests as a party favor. Simply place the pomegranates, artichokes, figs and grapes in a weaved basket and have your guests take it home at the end of the night. Better yet, for a fun activity, have your guests go through your tablescape and pick out their favorites to take home!

I hope you enjoyed this "flowers meets fruit" effortless fall tablescape. If you would like to save this for later, feel free to pin the image below. If you are inspired by this post, drop me a comment below, email me or subscribe to my site for weekly access to all the details! The fall season is just starting for me, so be sure to stay tuned for many more fall decor ideas (including my first ever fall home tour coming next week), recipes and much much more!

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