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One Room Challenge: Week 4 - Modern Whimsical Nursery Makeover

Hello friends! It's time for week 4 of the One Room Challenge! This week's post is all about honesty - and the truth is - I've hit a bit of a hard stop! Two weeks ago, I was chugging away at the modern whimsical nursery makeover and was totally ahead of schedule! And then I returned to work after a lovely three month maternity leave and was unable to complete things on time for the past two weeks. This means I am a couple of weeks behind and I am feeling the pressure!

This past week, I also had the realization - I bit off way more than I can chew. When making the list of things I want in my modern whimsical nursery, I didn't realize the amount of work it would take to get it all done. And I grossly underestimated the time it takes to coordinate with all of your sponsors and follow up on items that need to come in on time (especially in this COVID era!) That being said, I am not ready to give up! The progress may be slow, but I think it's time to kick it into high gear. And this means working like a mad woman to get this modern nursery makeover done in the next four weeks!

Now that I've gotten that bit off my chest, let's get to the main showstopper in this room - THE WALLPAPER! I partnered with Spoonflower and came across this stunning whimsical floral wallpaper design by Lolah Studio. The minute I saw this piece, I knew this would be the right fit for the nursery. I just loved the combination of leaves, ladybugs and dragonflies all intertwined in beautiful pastel shades. I contacted Spoonflower and worked with Lovroka (the designer behind Lolah Studio) to create an ombre pattern. She was amazing to work with and really knew how to bring my vision to life. Come have a look at this main attraction!

So what is the plan for the upcoming week? I'm hoping to have all the wallpaper hung and framed with trim. If I'm lucky, I will have all the trim primed and painted as well - a tall order, right? Stay tuned to see if I can get it all done! To take a look back at the progress over the past 3 weeks, you can click here: Week1, Week2, Week3.

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