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Parade Of Trees 2019 Featuring King Of Christmas

Hello friends and welcome to the Parade of Trees 2019 Featuring King of Christmas! Today, I'm ecstatic to fully share one out of my three (yes, THREE!) Christmas trees on this blog hop. You may have caught glimpses of this tree on Instagram, but I have been holding out to share the whole thing and the surrounding set up until today. It has been hard keeping this Christmas secret from you, but I hope you will go through today's post and be inspired by how I and others on this blog hop have styled their various Christmas trees.

And it all starts with the tree! All six of the bloggers on this hop have partnered with King of Christmas and we have all decked and styled various trees from the King of Christmas collection in our own way. It's truly a lovely way to showcase our creativity. Our decorative styles really shine through. So I hope you will take a minute to check out all the fun at the bottom of this blog post! I also have an extra special discount code that will give you major savings on your entire purchase with King of Christmas, so be sure to read to the bottom of this post!

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If you are joining me from my friend Jenny's blog Suburban Pop, welcome! I absolutely adore her mid-century modern home and the way she has stuck true to the theme every holiday season! Her Christmas tree in the family room is filled with fun color and whimsy - she is a true designer!

For my King of Christmas tree, I decided to take a different approach. I opted for the 6 foot Prince Flocked Pre-Lit Tree - and this tree really is a beauty even if you don't style it! I was really excited to receive and decorate this tree. It's my first ever flocked tree and I'm so glad I selected this option for my master bedroom!

I rummaged through my Christmas bins in the basement. My goal this year was to repurpose the things I own and to spend as minimal as I could on seasonal decor. I came across two styles of blush pink ribbon and ornaments and some navy blue ribbon and thought this would be a fantastic combination! This tree was going in my master bedroom and if you remember, I made over this room for the spring 2019 One Room Challenge (you can find the reveal here). The bold navy ribbon and soft blush tones were the perfect complement to the navy trim accent wall and instantly the Christmas scheme for this room was born!

I guess you could say the way I decorate my Christmas trees is "formulaic". I always start off with 2-4 inch pieces of ribbon and tuck these strips of ribbon into the branches. I try to use smaller pieces of ribbon at the top half of the tree and larger pieces of ribbon at the bottom to create a "cascading effect" and overlap pieces of ribbon in the tree to create a bit of a "weave" pattern. My trees will always have various types of ribbon with different finishes - my go to's are always sparkly, satin, organza and grosgrain. This adds a lot of visual interest and movement in the tree and is the most cost effective way to make your tree appear way fuller than it is. I have a full ribbon tutorial saved to my highlights on Instagram - you can see more by checking out @thisissimplicite.

The next step was to add a few plum and copper picks to the tree to add sparkle and create fullness. These picks were already in my Christmas arsenal that I had saved from previous years of holiday decorating. When inserting picks into the tree, I always try to place them at an angle so that they reflect light. At the very bottom of the tree, I place the larger picks and lay them flat in between the branches.

Once the ribbon and picks are in the tree, you can start to see the tree coming to life. This is the time where I add the various ornaments to the tree. I try to tuck in some sparkly ones deep inside the tree to reflect light and place heavier bulbs on the edges and at the very bottom. Another trick I use is to hang ornaments very close to the branches so that the hooks/floral wire are well hidden!

Since the navy satin ribbon was a bold touch to the tree, I decided to keep the ornaments light. I went with blush pink, copper, champagne, silver and gold ornaments for a bright and airy look.

The perfect way to finish off a Christmas tree is with a tree skirt and stunning tree topper. I used my classic trick in the book of adding a casual white throw under the tree. Again, this was major dollar savings, as I use this throw year round and didn't purchase a real tree skirt. I've shared this tip and a lot more on a recent post - 8 money saving tips for holiday decorating to avoid overspending - that you can find here.

Here's a glimpse of my favorite part of the tree - the tree topper! My go to for the tree topper is usually floral and metallic picks. This allows me to change the look of my trees each year by just using different combinations of what I own. I'm sure you will recognize the florals from this tree - I used them when decorating my home for fall and they made several appearances in my tablesettings. By adding a few navy and gold florals, these subdued pink and berry floral stems look totally different! Again, the goal this year was really to repurpose and reuse.

Here's a look at a few more pretty views of this tree.

I hope I have left you feeling inspired to decorate for the holidays! If you are looking to create a unique, custom tree, look through the decor items you own and put together a color combination you never previously thought of! If you are looking to add a few decor items to your collection, don't just limit yourself to the holiday isles in the store - push your creativity and venture out to incorporate things that don't always qualify as "holiday!". I promise, you won't regret it!

If you are looking for a new tree, wreath, garland or anything else Christmas - be sure to head over to King of Christmas and check out their fantastic collection. Use promo code THISISSIMPLICITE for 10% off your entire purchase and free shipping!

Thank you all so much for stopping in and visiting me on the Parade of Trees 2019 Featuring King of Christmas Tour! I had a lot of fun putting this together and there are more holiday ideas coming your way! All of the Christmas trees roll out this week - so be sure to subscribe to my site to be the first to know! Next up on the tour is Rachel from Cherry Street Blossoms. She decorated her tree just for her little girl - you don't want to miss it!

If you noticed something on today's tour that you are curious about, or if you want to know more, I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below or email me. Feel free to share this tour on Pinterest by pinning any of the images in this post or come say hello on Instagram @thisissimplicite.


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