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One Room Challenge: Week 6 - Modern Whimsical Nursery Makeover

Hi friends! And welcome to the One Room Challenge Week 6 Modern Whimsical Nursery Makeover! We skipped last week in efforts to mute our voices as part of the Black Lives Matter movement. It was a great time to reflect and think about actionable changes we can make in attempt to better the lives of those who face discrimination and injustices on a regular basis. I took the time off from blogging, but immersed myself in the One Room Challenge (it's actually great therapy!). Needless to say, many things got crossed off my check list! I was busy painting, cutting molding, painting molding and even hung the first panel of wallpaper ... phew!

Here's a look at the progress made over the past two weeks!

I started painting the walls by cutting into each wall and then rolling the painted areas with a roller. This ensured a very smooth finish.

I took the same approach of cutting when painting the ceiling. After cutting, I used a roller to paint the entire ceiling and I must say that this created the most dramatic effect. The room looks much larger - it's one of the best kept painting secrets! Here's a sneak peek!

After measuring the molding, I used frog tape to make sure the boxes were perfectly aligned on the walls. This step was really painful, but it ensured that the boxes were measured perfectly. This means less filling and caulking between joints!

The next step was to paint the molding. To get a super smooth finish, I used the super max paint sprayer and it worked like a charm!

I let the paint dry on the trim overnight and was so pleased at how the trim turned out. You may notice that the trim color is actually darker than the walls. That was totally purposeful! If you remember back to when I was trying to decide on a wall color - I was totally split between a light and medium shade of pink. So I decided to use both! And I just love the look!

I love how the two colors add dimension to the wall and make the wallpaper stand out even more!

And that's all I have to share for week 6! To take a look back at the progress over the past 3 weeks, you can click here: Week1, Week2, Week3, Week 4.

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